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Break away from your chains

~Mend my broken heart~

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Can all the lesbians of tumblr reblog this so I can follow you.
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If you’re my girlfriend you get to kill the spider. I don’t fucking care if it’s 2 in the am. If I come get you cause there is a spider you fucking slay that thing like its a dragon.

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Black: I would date you.
Green: I think you’re cute.
Blue: You are my tumblr crush.
Grey: I wish you would notice me.
Purple: I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
Teal: We have a lot in common.
Orange: I don’t like your blog.
Brown: I don’t like you.
Pink: I think you are unattractive.
Red: I hate you with a burning passion.
White: Marry me.

watch i’ll get none

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when people assume i’m straight i feel so insulted, like am i not gay enough?? do i need to step up my queer game??

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Someone buy me a kitten please.. ; - ; I want one so badly.. 3

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